Friday, December 09, 2011

"I don't think right-wing social engineering is any more desirable than left-wing social engineering"

That's probably the most sensible line uttered by a Republican president or presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan's first inaugural ("government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem").

If Newt Gingrich actually meant it he'd be the most interesting candidate in the current GOP field. He doesn't, of course -- in point of fact, he used it in the context of putting a continued right-wing seal of approval on left-wing social engineering -- but if he did ...

Anyway, leave it to Mitt Romney to pick the most sensible line of the campaign so far as a point of attack:

I'm still trying to figure out why Romney isn't angling to replace Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket next year. That just makes more sense for him than running against Obama.

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