Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dropbox gets even more useful

I remain a fan of Dropbox. It's the sync tool that's never failed me yet. Save stuff in my Dropbox folder on any computer ... BAM! ... it's there on any other computer when I'm looking for it.

Now there's a new tool for Dropbox that looks pretty cool: Dropbox Automator [hat tip -- TechCrunch].

Dropbox Automator lets you set up "recipes" for handling files you save in your Dropbox folders. For example, you could tell it that any file saved in a folder labeled "documents" should be converted to PDF or uploaded to your Google Docs account. Or that any picture you save in a folder labeled "pix" should be uploaded to your Flickr account.

Not sure how I'll use it myself, but if you have tasks of that sort as part of a regular routine, it should be a time-saver.

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