Friday, December 30, 2011

For a Limited Time ...

... probably 24 hours ...

I'm selling my ebook, Roulette for the Leisure Gambler, 3rd edition (normally $4.97), for the low, low price of one tweet.

[Promotion Has Ended]

Note: Depending on how your web browser is set up to handle PDF files, it may just open up in a browser window, meaning you may have to do some kind of "save as" routine to actually get the book onto your hard drive.

Q: Book? What?

A: See here for more information. But if the "pay with a tweet" button is still up there, use it instead of sending me $4.97.

Q: Why?

A: To promote the book. And to test out the whole "pay with a tweet" concept.

Q: Why for a limited time?

A: Well, I want to sell some books too, you know. For, like, money. Those who "pay with a tweet" ASAP get the book for the low, low price of a tweet. Those who wait until the offer is over may still be interested in the book, and they can get it too. For the low, low price of $4.97.

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