Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Brief Review: Dr. Pepper Ten

I don't recall where I came across this ad, or I'd hat tip ...

... but anyway, despite the really, really bad branding schtick, I knew immediately I wanted to give Dr. Pepper Ten® a try. I'd read that it was being test-marketed in a few cities not including my own, and expected to have to wait awhile, but voila, Tamara arrived home from a grocery shopping expedition last night with a 12-pack.

Why I wanted to try it: I like soda. I like Dr. Pepper®. But between diabetes and wanting to lose weight, "regular" soda is a no go. I prefer to avoid aspartame, so I stick mostly with the diet colas that use Splenda®. But I haven't made that a hard and fast rule or anything. Anyway, while Diet Dr. Pepper® isn't bad as far as sodas go, something with a few calories that's closer to the original sounds like a winner.

Initial reaction: Hey ... it tastes like Dr. Pepper®! Need I say more? That's the goal -- a low-calorie, low-sugar (only 2 grams) soda that tastes like the real thing.

The catch: I've been drinking diet sodas for about a year-and-a-half now, so my taste buds may be corrupted. It tastes a lot like regular Dr. Pepper® to me -- "richer" than diet would, I think, be the best descriptor. If you're coming at it from the other end (i.e. you're conditioned to "real" sodas), though, it may taste like diet crap to you.

The down side: It contains aspartame and high-fructose corn syrup. Worst of both worlds in terms of avoidance of ingredients I prefer to stay away from. Oh, well. I won't make it my constant habit, that's all.

If I used a five-star rating system, I'd give Dr. Pepper Ten® four stars -- five for flavor, minus one for not going with Splenda® and/or cane sugar instead of aspartame and HFCS.

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