Tuesday, June 21, 2005

What he actually said ...

Okay, so Dick Durbin (D-IL) had some things to say about Gitmo. And the Busheviks, are all, like, pissed off about it. Nothing new there. The Busheviks are pissed off any time proper deference is not shown to their anti-American, death-worshiping leader.

But, from the Democratic reaction to the whole thing, I assumed that Durbin had, in one way or another, actually stepped on his own crank -- that he had called the anti-American, death-worshiping Busheviks something like "anti-American, death-worshiping Busheviks" or something.


Here's what Durbin actually said.

Yes, this 100% accurate, 200% pro-American, moderate, considered, mild statement is what drove the anti-American, death-worshiping Busheviks over the edge. Who'da thunk?

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