Friday, June 24, 2005

PSA: Support your libertarian POWs

The thugs in Washington tell us that they're engaged in a "war on drugs." I agree -- and I know which side of that war I'm on.

In wars, there are casualties (we will not forget you, Peter McWilliams), and there are prisoners. The prisoners deserve the support of their comrades outside the wire. They were captured, after all, during a fight for our rights and against the depredations of the enemy. We should be as supportive as possible until they escape or are released, or until the war ends.

Now, I don't have the resources to keep track of, let alone assist, every last POW who's captured with a joint or has a gram of coke "found" under his car seat by a cop enemy soldier filling a quota. Neither, likely, do you. But, I'm sorry to report, a POW will soon be going behind the wire whom many of us know, who has made innumerable and valuable contributions to human liberty, and who I can, and will, help and ask you to help.

Don Meinshausen has been a part of the freedom movement since the 1960s. He's been present at, and deeply involved in, important movement actions that entire time -- from the burning of draft cards on the floor of the 1969 YAF convention in St. Louis to the debates between Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik and Green Presidential candidate David Cobb last year.

Don's been sporting a piece of Big Brother jewelry -- a tracking shackle to keep him under "house arrest" -- for two years. Now he's about to enter the Federal "Correctional" Institution in Fort Dix, NJ for 42 months on charges of "conspiracy to distribute MDMA and hemp."

I propose that Don's fellow libertarians make his stay in the gulag -- and no, I am not going to apologize for using that word -- as comfortable and humane as possible. That may mean sending money for the commisary (if he's allowed to receive it). Or publications (if he's allowed to receive outside reading material). Or just supportive letters. I'll find out, as quickly as I can, what is permitted and what is probited. Until then, please don't send anything that you have even an inkling might cause problems for him. Don's address is:

Don Meinshausen
Inmate number 08496-050
PO Box 7000
Ft Dix NJ 08640

Res Publica Delenda Est!

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