Tuesday, June 21, 2005

BlogProps: Carson on Rothbard

Kevin Carson explores the origins of the "Rothbardian Left" over at his Mutualist Blog. Tremendously informative!


- Carson distinguishes Rothbard's approach to the left as "abortive" and notes that he later gravitated toward the "paleo" position most notably associated with LewRockwell.Com and the Ludwig von Mises Institute. However, it's worth noting that LRC frequently publishes or links to material from left-libertarians such as Anthony Gregory and anti-authoritarian Leftist publications such as CounterPunch. The left-libertarian/paleo divide has been narrowed by recent foreign policy considerations, which are precisely what brought Rothbard and the Left together before. Perhaps a more permanent rapprochement will come out of this latest alliance of convenience.

- Carson also mentions Larry Gambone, an author with whose work I am unfamiliar. Given that he's also been favorably mentioned to me recently by Ken Macleod, I'm going to get familiar with him ASAP.

As a side note, I'm looking for a graphic artist who's willing to work for, well, pretty much nothing designing a logo for a project I have in mind. If you're interested in the whole idea of a "New Libertarian" or "Left Libertarian" movement focus, I think you'll like the project. Gimme a yell.

As another side note, see the comments on a previous New Libertarian/MLL post for an alternative view, courtesy of Dr. Carl Milsted, on the nature of the left/right dichotomy.

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