Thursday, June 23, 2005

Well, that about wraps it up for property rights

Well, the nine political hacks in black dresses have screwed us again -- and this time they didn't even bother with niceties like petroleum jelly. In what can only be called a complete break with the Constitution, history, tradition, the English language and, well, reality, the Supreme Court has ruled that a local government stealing the property of a private citizen in order to hand it over to a private business enterprise constitutes a "public use." Corporate welfare on demand is now the Law of the Land.

This epilepsy of jurisprudence seems to center around John Paul Stevens. He keeps turning up like a bad penny, writing the court's most bizarre and unsupportable recent majority opinions (such as, for example, Raich vs. Gonzales). Unfortunately, William Kristol thinks that it will be the (relatively) less monstrously insane Sandra Day O'Connor who will retire next ... and that she'll be replaced by the heretofore alluded to Alberto "The Law -- It's So Quaint And Obsolete!" Gonzales.

Ladies and gentlemen, America has left the building. Someone please turn out the lights.

Res Publica Delenda Est!

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