Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Battle of the Blogs: Do the math!

BlogExplosion's "Battle of the Blogs" has been reformulated, and it's even better. But I just don't understand some of the large wagers. Math lesson time:

1) The minimum number of credits you can bet is 10.

2) When you wager 10 credits -- which otherwise could have been redeemed for 10 visitors -- you instead receive 15 visitors, who view your blog, view your opponent's blog, and then vote.

In other words, "Battle of the Blogs" is a good investment in traffic. Half again as good as just using those credits.

Of course, if you win, you get back half again as many credits as you wagered. If you lose, your wagered credits are gone. But either way, you got 15 visitors for the price of 10.

You get 15 visitors, whether you wager 10 credits or 100. It's just that if you wager 100 credits and lose, you've paid 6.x credits per visitor instead of 0.66666 ... credits per visitor. So why wager 20, 30, 100 credits ... unless you're really sure you can win, which, given the fickle nature of the viewers, is never a sure thing?

Insane addictive greed, I guess -- and no, I'm not putting you high rollers down ... it's just the only explanation I can come up with. By all means, keep betting big -- I like getting those credits for voting, too ;-)

Personally, whenever I rack up 10 credits from viewing blogs, I go play "Battle of the Blogs." When I'm winning, I'm winning. When I'm losing, I play until they're all gone (I'm running about a .370 batting average right now) and then go earn 10 more credits. Kind of addictive.

But do the math. Really.

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