Monday, June 20, 2005

A tip for "Battle of the Blogs" participants

Okay, I've worked my way up to a .500 .470 batting average in BlogExplosion's ongoing "Battle of the Blogs" -- 8 wins and 8 9 losses.

In this game, players wager anywhere from 10 to 100 credits (that they've earned by surfing member blogs, and can also redeem for getting visitors to their own blogs) and challenge other bloggers to a "battle." Players can't challenge particular other blogs (unless they arrange for the opponent they want to be waiting and pounce to be first to accept the challenge); they just effectively say "I'll wager ten credits that I can beat whoever accepts the challenge." Then nine viewers -- first come, first served -- view the blogs and vote. The winner gets 75% of the total wager; the nine voters split the other 25% between them.

The most efficient bet for this game is the minimum, 10 credits. Think about it: Even if you lose, your site gets nine hits, from those nine voters, so you're only one credit down. If you win, you walk away with 15 credits in return for the ten you put in.

Thing is, if you bet 20 credits and lose, you still only get nine visits. If you bet 50 credits, nine visits. 100 credits? You guessed it -- nine visits. So, unless you are absolutely, positively sure that you're going to win (and therefore get back 150% of your wager), 10 credits is the best way to go. At the very worst, you're down one credit, or one tenth of your bet, in terms of redemption for visitors.

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