Monday, June 06, 2005

FMNNClip: Freedomism's just another word for barbed wire, brands and moos


"[Professor Rummel] does not object to libertarianism because libertarians don't believe in 'freedom abroad.' He objects to libertarianism, per the above, because libertarians (as he sees them) don't believe in 'democratic freedom abroad.' And, more specifically, he obects to libertarianism because libertarians (or at least those libertarians whom he paints as representative of libertarians) don't believe that democracies are justified in expropriating the wealth of their citizens, sacrificing the lives of their soldiers, and engaging in the killing of innocents in order to bring about said 'democratic freedom' in any particular place where some less desirable form of state may hold sway.

"When Professor Rummel says 'the more domestic freedom from regulation, government control, taxation, and oppressive laws, the better up to a point,' the point he's referring to, without explicitly defining it (for obvious reasons) is the point at which the state ceases to be empowered to lie to, cheat, steal from and kill its own citizens and others abroad in order to bump off other states and reproduce itself in their place."

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