Saturday, June 18, 2005

BlogProps: A smashing idea

WHEREAS, the College Republican membership has always fully supported the war in Iraq ...

A modest proposal for boosting military recruitment from Upper Left.

Not that it will have any effect, of course. Let's face it: The College Republicans' idols are chickenhawks, and the College Republicans are chickenhawks. Menial jobs like actually fighting the wars they love so much are for those other people -- you know, the disposable ones whose daddies couldn't get them into Yale.

S'ok. Reckoning soon come. Not too long from now today's College Republicans will vigorously deny that they were ever Busheviks. We'll know, though -- they'll be the ones who start shaking, urinating all over themselves and mumbling "yeah, I was, a, uh, Green activist in college" whenever CNN runs the "whatever happened to" story with the famous courtroom artist's sketch of Bush, Cheney and cabinet on a single chain, in orange coveralls and legirons, at their mass arraignment.

Then again, maybe my naturally sunny and optimistic disposition is leading me into error. The bastards just might make it out of the country ahead of the indictments.

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