Monday, June 27, 2005

Domain names for sale

Sometimes I buy a domain name and the idea for it just doesn't work out. Other times, a good domain name and idea occur to me, and I just don't have time to do them. So I have these domains just lying around ... and they're for sale: -- This domain name was inspired by an article on Slate, proposing "the next big idea in blogging." I don't know if it's all that, but it sounds like a nifty idea. Or maybe there's another use the name could be put to. -- For some reason, the other day I described Rational Review News Digest as "the go-to gallery of news and opinion hooks for bloggers to riff on," and that idea's just been with me ever since. RRND is actually a libertarian-oriented news and commentary digest ... but what if someone started a news/commentary aggregation service, possibly automated, and aimed at the audience of bloggers seeking topics to blog about? Sounds like ad-revenue flypaper to me, and I may just do it if I don't sell the domain first.

News-Digests.Com was, for awhile, the home of RRND and several other news digests, but I ended up moving them all back under Rational Review's roof when we were remodeling our database and content editor scheme. Another good name for an aggregation site. and are more marginal, I think. The former was a site on which I sold my "No-Bullshit Guide to E-Zine Publishing" for awhile, along with some other ebooks by myself and others. I just got tired of maintaining it. The latter was an idea for one of those "paid to read email" jobs, and I just never did find a script that I thought met the needs (the idea was to forward news items to the readers by email, each accompanied by a link to an advertiser's site -- the readers would be paid a few cents for clicking on the link).

Anyway, I'm entertaining bids. I don't really plan to turn down any reasonable offers; but having looked at the domain name auction facilities on the web, none of them seem worth the trouble (I put a couple of these names up on a new auction site that seemed to promptly disappear awhile back). Just drop me a note.

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