Friday, June 24, 2005

FMNNClip: The state versus anarchy

My latest at Free Market News Network. Excerpt:

Why should it be that people regard being "without rulers" as tantamount to chaos? The deep embedding of this notion in society is not accidental. The state, first and foremost, guards the idea of the necessity of its own existence.

Organizations operate in a manner roughly analogous to organisms. Just as the individual cells in a human body work to assure that body's survival, so the individuals in an organization, intentionally or not, tend to operate first on the imperative of the organization's survival. This imperative supersedes any other alleged function of that organization. A community Little League club, for example, must preserve itself as an organization -- it can build ball diamonds, organize teams or sponsor games only if it does so.

As with other organizations, the first mission of the state is to ensure its own survival. Not the survival of those whom its functionaries claim to serve (although that may be a secondary concern and will certainly be a cited justification for the state's existence), but the survival of the organization itself. And, in practice, survival means growth and expansion, not atrophy or reduction in size. Thus, it is in the interest of the state, and of the state's functionaries, to portray the absence of the state, or even any reduction in its role, as an unthinkable horror.

Here's the rest.

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