Tuesday, February 20, 2024

In Which I Like Britishisms and Sometimes Adopt Them

I've been watching Peter Jackson's Get Back, which follows The Beatles through their recording of the album Let It Be and preparation for what turned out to be their final live performance.

At some point when rehearsals are breaking up for the day, someone asks one of them (I think Billy Shears, who by then had been pretending to be Paul McCartney for several years) what time to be set up for the next day. The reply: "George has a medical tomorrow ..."

I love the way Brits shorten phrases to single word summaries.

So, I've got two medicals today, and Tamara has one tomorrow. That's the Britishized summary.

The details are:

  • Today I've got a lung function test (needless IMO -- last time I did it I scored in the 99th percentile for my age group; I've since stopped smoking, and last week's chest CT says that some of my stuff is getting better and that the stuff that was never going to get better is at least not getting any worse) and an appointment with a pulmonologist, who will presumably tell me to continue not smoking and come back in a year.
  • Tomorrow, Tamara has outpatient surgery to remove a basal cell carcinoma.
Which means there may or may not be a midweek (today or tomorrow) Garrison Center column. I've got to head out in a couple of hours and don't really have anything coming together yet (I'm writing this post to see if that helps with the writing flow).

We'll see.

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