Thursday, December 16, 2021

Training to Lose

The NPR Politics Podcast reports that "Gun Control Activists Are Training To Run For Office."

Of course, by "gun control" and "ending gun violence," the show's hosts mean "passing victim disarmament laws."

There's a problem with that strategy.

Suppose that these terribly confused and/or deeply malevolent people win big -- for example, the presidency and veto-proof pro-victim-disarmament majorities in Congress.

Then what?

The best stats I've seen say there are more than 125 million gun owners in the United States, and more than 400 million guns.

No matter how many elections these malcontents win, the matter will remain non-negotiable to millions of those gun owners.

Non-negotiable as in "come try to take them and see what happens." In which case, if they're smarter than they appear to be, we'll find out later that they went long on shares in body bag companies.

But hey, if they want to waste their time and money fantasizing that all they have to do is win some elections to implement their victim disarmament policies, maybe pursuing those fantasies will keep them to busy to actually get other stupid and evil things actually done.

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