Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Contra Furedi

spiked's Frank Furedi finds it "truly disturbing" that someone was able to take a photograph of UK prime minister Boris Johnson and his staff violating the policies they imposed on everyone else, using COVID-19 as the excuse.

"[W]hat happens," he asks, "when a government cannot keep its proceedings confidential? ... think about the implications of this story for national security. ... Once official contingency plans become fodder for feeding the news cycle, a government’s capacity to implement them effectively is undermined. ... If ministers cannot deliberate securely, safe in the knowledge that their decisions and plans will not be made public, the government loses its integrity."

Bullshit. All government employees should be required to wear live-streaming body cams at all times when on the job, if not 24/7, as a condition of that employment. They claim to work for us. In what universe does the employee get to hide what he's doing from the employer?

Why is a supposedly "radical, democratic, pro-freedom" publication running garbage like this?

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