Thursday, December 16, 2021

Seems Like a Win-Win-Win Situation to Me

Nearly 4,000 U.S. soldiers have refused the COVID-19 vaccine, the Pentagon said Thursday, potentially setting the stage for thousands of Army personnel to be pushed out of the service in the coming weeks. ... The Air Force and Navy already have begun to discharge service members who refuse the vaccine. Other services are expected to do the same.

The insanely bloated US armed forces will be shedding a few workfare clients. Good deal.

The people they're losing are people who either weren't literate enough to read the contracts they signed, or or else couldn't be trusted to fulfill obligations they'd freely undertaken. Again, good deal.

Finally, if the vaccines do reduce the incidence and/or severity of COVID-19, dumping those people is a reasonably sound matter of "force protection," given that many armed forces personnel live and/or work in close quarters with others. Splendid!

I'm frankly not seeing anything not to like here, although it would be preferable to issue discharges of an other than honorable variety so that the discharged people don't continue to soak up  tax-funded benefits once they depart for the productive sector.

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