Saturday, December 18, 2021

My Christmas Shopping Just Got a LOT Easier ...

... thanks to a tip from Corianna Baier of the Show-Me Institute:

[I]f lawmakers are looking for the perfect gift for their constituents, I can think of (at least) one thing that everyone would find extremely useful: an income tax cut. Stay with me here -- this really is a great gift. An income tax cut is basically the gift of money. Taxpayers would get to keep more of their hard-earned money to spend or save in any way that they want.

What a great idea! Now I know what to give all my friends and acquaintances for Christmas (or whatever winter holidays you celebrate)!

I was going to come knocking on your doors, stick a pistol in your faces, and take all your cash on hand.

But now I've decided not to do that.

This clever gift idea is going to save me a lot of travel time (and significantly reduce my chances of getting my ass shot). But, more importantly, how generous of me!

Yes, I know I've occasionally honked out the same kind of polemic brain fart myself (in fact, this year, I suggested that Congress make a Christmas present to the public of ceasing to throw people in jail for growing / selling / possessing / consuming a common plant). It's a lot easier to notice the problem with that logic when someone else does it, though. Ms. Baier's present to me is creating a resolve on my part to not fall into that mental trap in the future.

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