Thursday, December 23, 2021

On Monday, December 23, 2002 ...

... the first edition of Rational Review News Digest went out to a handful of subscribers we'd reached/recruited since the previous Thursday, when Freedom News Daily ceased publication (the Henry Hazlitt Foundation's board decided to declare bankruptcy and promptly ceased all operations -- I found out the next morning when I tried to log in for work as the publication's managing editor).

Since then, we've taken over publication of a reborn Freedom News Daily (in 2004, on behalf of the International Society for Individual Liberty, which bought it in the bankruptcy sale; ISIL is now Liberty International) and reach probably (this is a guesstimate, since there are overlaps) 5,000 readers each day with our web, email, and social media editions.

RRND/FND actually go back to 1991 (when Libernet, later taken over by FND, started). We're the Internet's oldest daily email news/commentary roundup for libertarians. Happy anniversary to us.

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