Friday, December 03, 2021

I Can See Where This Will Lead

For various reasons, I'm thinking about getting a driver's license. I've been able to get by without one for ... lessee, 15 or 16 years? ... and the electric bike gets me around town just fine, but it still may be in the cards.

If I get a driver's license, then instead of investing in a better electric bike, I'll spend half as much on a used 49cc scooter (but also get saddled with vehicle insurance payments ... which, if I have a driver's license, will be necessary anyway since there's a car in my household).

And after a few months of enjoying that added mobility and range -- assuming I don't get run over by a logging truck or something -- I'll start thinking that I'd really rather have something that goes faster and that's legal to drive on the interstate highway.

Probably a motorcycle.

And if I make it for a few months without a tragic outcome on that, I'll start doing things like waking up on a Friday morning and deciding to have dinner in New Orleans, or finally see Seattle or whatever.

Which could be cool, but which would also entail down sides like "where's Tom? It's important. Oh, he decided he wanted to see Seattle? F&*!"

So I'm definitely still in thinking about it mode.

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