Tuesday, December 14, 2021

NFL Picks Update

Talk about a bad streak. In FiveThirtyEight's NFL Forecasting Game, I came out negative on points in week 6 (-2.5), week 7 (-23.5),  week 8 (-46.5), week 9 (-60.4),  week 10 (-114.4), and week 11 (-52.2). At one point I was in something like the 27th percentile of players.

But then ...

Modestly so in week 12 (10 of 16 games correct for 40.2 points) and week 13 (8 of  14 games correct for 33.2 points).

But in week 14 (ending last night with Monday Night Football), I went 12 for 14 games (my bad picks were the Cardinals to beat the Rams and the Panthers to beat the Falcons), racking up 149.5 points and getting back into the top third of all players for the season so far.

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