Wednesday, December 22, 2021

From What I am Hearing About the New Matrix Movie ...

... I expect to like it even better than I expected to expect to like it.

I don't THINK what I'm about to write is really "spoiler" material, but if you're afraid it might be, stop reading. I'll skip a few lines to save you from shock and disappointment.

OK, so apparently the premise is this: Thomas Anderson, aka Neo, is a well-known game creator who, 20 years or so ago, wrote a well-received trilogy of games known as The Matrix. He's called in by his boss, one Mr. Smith, and told that the game company's over-arching owner, Warner Brothers, wants a sequel to the trilogy, and that if Anderson and Company don't want to undertake the project they'll just have someone else do it, but it will still get done.

Meanwhile, Anderson has mental health problems. He's hung up on that old game trilogy, apparently experiencing the game not as game, but as realistic dream/memory, and in therapy over the whole thing.

Then, in some way not specified in great detail in the reviews I've read (I'm trying to avoid spoilers -- I'm 24-36 hours away from seeing it for myself), shit starts getting weird.

All of this appeals to me. And makes me wonder if maybe this film happened because Warner Brothers gave the Wachowskys some kind of ultimatum about a "reboot" of The Matrix Cinematic Universe.

One complaint I've read that just doesn't ring with me is along these lines: Yeah, there's some good Matrixy action and fight stuff in there, but nothing that tops the original trilogy in terms of OMG WOW THAT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE.

The reason that doesn't ring with me is simply that I don't think Lana Wachowsky needs to prove anything on that count. When it comes to action/fight/effects stuff, movie fans have been living for two decades in the house the Wachowskys built. She has no obligation to build us another fucking house. If she'd rather just tell us another story in that same, well-constructed house, I'm game to be told that story.

Here's the "new" (actually a couple of weeks old) trailer for Matrix: Resurrections. Even better than the first, IMO.

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