Friday, March 26, 2010

Wii ... Whee!

Just got the disc to add Netflix streaming to the kids' Wii ... which means that it's no longer just the kids' Wii. I've got a loooooooooong "watch instantly" queue.

Activation was simple (insert disc, get activation code, go to computer and enter it).

I grabbed a flick at random to check it out. Fairly quick retrieval of the movie, decent video and audio, no observed skipping/halting. The controls using the Wii Remote don't seem very intuitive, but that may be because I've used a Wii Remote for a grand total of oh, five minutes or so before.

I've loved Netflix ever since we started with them a couple of years ago -- no more late fees, no time pressure to pick a movie at the store and get home, etc. -- but this jumps the service's utility up a full order of magnitude. Instant gratification direct to the tube. Cool.

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