Sunday, March 14, 2010

Poll: Mac web browsers

Here's why I'm asking:

When I switched to a Mac OSx box, I naturally gravitated toward Safari, since it's the Mac default/standard. I have some problems with it (balky/unwieldy text selection, for example) and like some tools that are available for Firefox (FireFTP and TwitterFox, for example), so I split my usage between the two.

Today, I pranged Safari but good -- there was an update, and I also ran SafariSpeed on it. Not sure which one killed, it, but now the application opens with no window and no way to get a window, i.e. it is useless.

Fortunately, I started experimenting with Camino the other day and have been coming to prefer it to Safari anyway. I had already imported my Safari bookmarks, installed AsceticBar to get rid of the annoying bookmark icons up top, enabled inline URL auto-completion ... the only sense in which I don't find Camino at least as good as Safari is that it doesn't seem to have form auto-completion. I can live with that.

Anyway, while I'm in this sort of transition phase, might as well see what others think about other browsers. Opera doesn't really float my boat, I haven't used iCab since the old 68k Mac days and it's nagware (so I don't want to bother with it unless I think I'll buy it), and MSIE is right out (I think they stopped making it for Mac anyway, didn't they?). Stainless (an open source take on Google's Chrome that supports PPC Macs) looks promising but doesn't have a full feature set yet.

So, vote and comment. I'll probably scrub Safari from the Mac and reinstall it from scratch soon, but maybe not. Camino seems to be working out just fine, and maybe one of y'all will point me to something even better.

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