Thursday, March 25, 2010

This has been a test ...

... of the new moblogging rig.

Video from this morning's protest at Laclede Gas: Check.

Photos from same: Check.

Both had to be brought home for upload, as I'm still working Net10's tech support to get mobile web and email working.

I was able to microblog to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Photo/video quality? Not the greatest, but usable, and especially worthwhile once I can instantly move it from phone to web.

I also did some audio via Cinchcast (I can also go straight to Tumblr, but didn't do that this time). This was recorded with a Bluetooth headset, but still an awful lot of background noise:

I'm happy with this rig. Still trying to iron out some kinks on immediate video/photo goodness* and figuring out where to send what (there are various "chain reaction" things I can do with Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and for maximum distribution), but I can already push text and audio from "on the spot." I'm looking forward to covering the Libertarian Party's national convention.

* I'm considering finding a sub-$100 "netbook" to supplement the phone. I could port the stuff from my phone to the netbook by Bluetooth or USB, then use Wi-Fi instead of pre-paid phone minutes to upload it ... most places I'm doing this kind of thing are likely to either be on, or near, Wi-Fi hotspots. I have some other uses for the netbook that might make this feasible/worth the cost.

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