Sunday, March 07, 2010

Missouri is the Show-Me State ...

... but there are some things I'm not sure I'd like to see:

Hat tip -- John Schultz.

Not really sure what that was all about. I wasn't able to attend the Missouri Libertarian Party's 2010 convention, as Tamara was out of town and I had the kids all to myself, so I missed what was apparently a spirited forum featuring three candidates for chair of the Libertarian National Committee: Ernie Hancock, John Jay Myers and Wayne Allyn Root. Two other candidates, Mark Hinkle and George Phillies, weren't able to be there.

To leap to Wayne's defense, I firmly believe that there's nothing he wouldn't wear -- or do -- if he thought it would attract attention to what he has to say. I mean, c'mon ... he's willing to share a stage with Sarah Palin and Samuel Wurzelbacher. Assless chaps should be no big deal.

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