Saturday, March 06, 2010



To the extent possible under law, Thomas L. Knapp
has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to
Writing the Libertarian Op-Ed: How to Create an Effective Op-Ed Piece -- and Get it Published.
This work is published from
United States.

Q: What's that about?

A: I wrote and e-published Writing the Libertarian Op-Ed in 2002, sold a few hundred copies of it, and have since routinely given people and groups permission to reproduce it non-commercially for free.

Instead of continuing to do that on an ad hoc and informal basis, I've decided to just renounce any claim to "intellectual property rights" in the work. Read it, quote it, re-write it, publish it in leatherbound editions with your name on it and don't offer me a cut of the take, whatever. And enjoy.

Download Locations

Note: I won't be automatically adding download links, as I suspect some people who have the file on their servers may not have intended it for general downloading (i.e. they grabbed it to serve to a small group or whatever), and I don't want to point people at their bandwidth without knowing it's kosher. So, if you host the file and want to be linked from here, drop a comment or an email to let me know.

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