Monday, March 08, 2010

Packaging News

Back in January, I wrote:

I hate to ask anyone to put off registering for the convention, but it's important that you do so even if you planned on buying one of the "extras" packages. Until the requirement to do so has been withdrawn, buying a convention package amounts to rewarding and encouraging bad behavior. For bonus points, let LPHQ know that you'd like to buy a package and that you'll do so as soon as this poll tax nonsense is dispensed with.

Well, the poll tax nonsense has been dispensed with.

I was one of those who took my own advice -- I held off on buying a package and informed LPHQ that I'd buy one when doing so was no longer a mandatory part of being a delegate. And today, I sent off my $99 money order for the "basic" package.

If you followed my advice back then, I hope you'll follow my example now. The convention packages come with some nice perks, and more importantly buying one now rewards the Libertarian National Committee for doing the right thing.

You can buy your convention package online, or download a PDF with a registration form if you prefer to mail in a check.

If you're a delegate and you can afford to buy a package, please do so.

If you're not a delegate but plan to visit the convention, you'll have a lot more fun with a package (meals, speakers, etc.).

If you're a delegate and can't afford a package, there's a "business session only" registration option -- $0. Registering there will probably make the credentials committee's job easier, and it also hooks you into the "Missouri Compromise" system that LNC Secretary Bob Sullentrup proposed and that LNC regional rep Stewart Flood is implementing. Basically, you may be able to find a sponsor who will purchase a package for you. I'm not sure of the details, but that might involve some sweat equity (for example, assisting LNC members or LPHQ staff in their convention duties).

If you're not attending the convention ... well, attend the convention. There's important party business to be done, and a lot of good times to be had in between (officially and unofficially).

See you in St. Louis over Memorial Day weekend!

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