Sunday, July 10, 2005

TLEClip: Point/Counter-Point on the LP's "Exit Strategy"

As always, the weekly edition of The Libertarian Enterprise is full of good stuff -- I should remember to mention it more often, and I hope you'll give the entire issue a read. In particular, however, TLE runs a critique of the Libertarian Party's "Exit Strategy for Iraq" by Chris Claypoole, and a defense of that exit strategy by myself.


"There seem to be some contradictions between the Iraq Exit Strategy (IES) of the Libertarian Party (LP) and the National Platform of the Libertarian Party, adopted in May 2004. The IES has over a page of endnotes (not bad for a six-page document), but none of the research seems to have touched on their own stated principles."

Read the rest here.


"In executive summary, my response to critiques of the plan is as follows: In the particulars of its policy proposals -- as opposed to some of the rhetoric in which those proposals are couched -- the Libertarian Party's 'Exit Strategy for Iraq' conforms in every respect to that party's platform. "

Read the rest here.

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