Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I must be getting old

I've been playing video games since I was a sprout, although being on the low side income-wise has usually kept me a system or three behind (and, to be brutally honest, I still prefer IntellivisionTM and Sega GenesisTM and plain vanilla GameBoyTM to the newfangled stuff). We've got a PSOneTM, a Nintendo 64TM and a couple of GameBoysTM around the house. I aspire to XBoxTMdom. Eventually.

Thing is, 20 or even ten years ago, I'd have followed reviews and known quite a bit about the new systems that were coming out. Nowadays, I get blind-sided.

I had heard a little bit of buzz about the Sony PSPTM -- but I didn't pay much attention. For some reason, I just assumed that it was a portable knockoff of the original PlayStationTM, like the cheap PSOnesTM -- let the kiddies play their old PlayStationTM games in the car on an LCD screen. No biggie. So, when I got around to hopping on the web and punching in the code from a McDonald'sTM Big MacTM, and found out I'd won one, I was just like, "cool -- hope it gets here in time for the 7-year-old's birthday. He'll really like playing Spyro when we're driving somewhere."

Then I read somewhere that the makers of Grand Theft AutoTM would be producing a PSPTM version, and it began to penetrate my pea brain that this was a new gaming platform altogether. So, I finally decided to do the obvious and spend five seconds on GoogleTM figuring out what's up with this thing.


And I'm giving this thing to the kidling?

I can already tell that Dad is going to be borrowing it. Often.

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