Monday, July 18, 2005

Dean gets it

"People say, 'Why'd you come here? This is a Republican state,' but they're wrong. This is a libertarian area. We're going to win on a Western platform next time." -- Howard Dean in Idaho, 07/16/05

"Citing the 2004 election of Gov. Brian Schweitzer, Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean said Tuesday he believes the red Rocky Mountain states are ripe for gain by his party. In a telephone interview, Dean cited the 'strong libertarian' and strong fiscal conservative beliefs of many Rocky Mountain states' residents." -- Lee State Bureau (Montana), 07/13/05

"The reason I'm really outspoken is because I think one of the problems in the Democratic Party is they don't understand how to fight. I don't want to get run over by these right-wingers. We're going to fight back." -- Howard Dean in Utah, 07/13/05

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