Tuesday, July 26, 2005

If we turn on the light ...

... maybe the cockroaches will scuttle away.

We knew it had to happen eventually: A blogger arrested for pissing off the powers that be. Actually, I seem to recall that a military blogger was recently arrested on bogus charges of "campaigning for political office" as well (it was, of course, just coincidence that he was telling the truth about the war on Iraq, while in uniform and actually there). In this case, it's a local thing.

DuBois' "crime?" Exposing some fairly nasty political corruption and prosecutorial abuse in his little corner of Ohio. Here's a chronology of events.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather not let the practice of turning bloggers into political prisoners take root and become "normal." If you can manage it, even a small contribution to DuBois' defense fund would be enormously helpful. And, of course, exposing the government thugs in Ottawa and Cuyahoga counties by blogging your own comments on this case may help convince like-minded government thugs elsewhere that if they screw with bloggers, they'll lose.

Hat tip to Kathryn Weitzel, co-director of Libertarian Action Network.

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