Friday, July 08, 2005

times 7.5.05 minipax malquoted iraq rectify

You knew it was coming -- the preemptive rhetorical strike against Britain "giving in" to the Islamists.

"calls for Britain to pull a Spain are sure to follow" -- "Duncan Avatar" at the Know-Nothings Invisible Empire of the Kni Wide-Awakes

"There will be even stronger calls for Blair's government to pull troops out of Iraq. It worked for Spain when it reacted to terror by capitulation, so it can work here!" -- "Frater et Soror Ave Atque Vale" at Rantingprofs

"Did the craven reaction of Spaniards to the Madrid bombings encourage the Islamic terrorists to try the same strategy in London today?" -- "ZEO12" at NW Republican

The problem with this line of thinking, of course, is that the UK announced its intention to begin withdrawing from Iraq ... several days before the London attacks.

Oops. Down the memory hole with that one. It's too inconvenient for it to have ever happened. If Blair proceeds, the War Party will savage him for "appeasing the terrorists." If he doesn't, they'll applaud him for showing "Churchillian resolve." But they'll studiously ignore the fact that a decision to withdraw had been undertaken independently of, and prior to, the 7/7 attacks.

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