Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A few notes on blogrolling

I try to keep up with my blogroll. Really. But the thing is, I run five of them, I don't want to pay for blogrolling's premium multiple blogroll/reciprocal roll service (I'm a cheapskate, guys), and this is Blogger, not WordPress.

Which means that every link is manually coded into one or more of five lists over in the right sidebar: BlogLinks (stuff related particularly to blogging per se), LeftLinks (Left-Wing sites), LibLinks (libertarian/anarchist sites), RightLinks (Right-Wing sites) or JustLinks (sites that aren't really political or blog-oriented).

I try to keep up, but I know I'm not perfect. I just went back over the last week's posts to add a bunch of links. If you link to me, I try to reciprocate. If you comment here, I try to remember to put a link in. If I just come across your blog and like it, you're on. But be patient, and drop me a line if you think you should be linked to and aren't yet.

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