Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Notes of interest ...

Have you heard about Blogathon 2005? Check it out and support a charity with your money or your blogging efforts. I may do the blogging bit -- undecided right now. As far as charities to sponsor, there are a bunch to choose from, but I hope you'll consider this one.

I'll be guest blogging at Crazy Like a Fox on August 22nd. What am I going to write about? The only thing I've decided so far is: Not politics. Tune in.


OK, I got bit by the bug. I'm going to do the Blogathon thing.

What charity? Well, this is a political blog, and I had some in mind ... but I'd rather pick a charity that just about anyone, regardless of political views, will feel comfortable helping. The envelope, please?

Doctors Without Borders

These people go all over the world -- often at risk of life and limb -- to provide medical care to people who need it in the worst way, due to war, natural disaster, etc. I hope everyone agrees that medical care is, well, a good thing. Even I agree with that, even if I refuse to patronize doctors myself (I don't want to know, dammit!).

So, here's the deal: I drag my aching carcass to the computer and post something boring and inane every half hour for 24 hours, and youse guys cough up a little bit of jack to help these people keep someone alive who might very well otherwise die. That work for you? If so, here's the direct link to "my campaign" (which is pretty much useless unless you register first, which you can find out how to do here).

As a side note, the campaign that I mentioned above is equally worthy of your support. Flip a coin, spread the wealth, whatever.

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