Thursday, September 24, 2020

What if They Threw a Scandal and Nobody Came?

Fox News's Greg Gutfeld has a column out today "on the growing scandal engulfing Hunter Biden." Interestingly, he closes with "No wonder it's not leading the news."

Per Wikipedia:
A scandal can be broadly defined as the strong social reactions of outrage, anger, or surprise, when accusations or rumours circulate or appear for some reason, regarding a person or persons who are perceived to have transgressed in some way.

If no one other than Greg Gutfeld gives a shit, it's not a "scandal."

And no one other than Greg Gutfeld seems to give a shit.

Maybe they should, but they don't. The Hunter Biden "scandal" never really got a lot of traction. Doesn't mean the allegations aren't true. Just means that no one gives a shit.

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