Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Another Trump/Florida Anecdote That May Hint at a Data Point

I'm registered to vote as a Libertarian. My wife, however, is registered with "no party affiliation."

She gets LOTS of snail mail relating to the upcoming presidential election.

Without exception, that snail mail is from either the Trump campaign or pro-Trump/Republican PACs.

I'm talking probably an average of one letter or postcard a day for the last couple of months, all of them wanting her very badly to know that Trump is Making America Great Again and/or that Joe Biden has been captured by them thar radical lefters and wants to eliminate the police and turn un-approved furriners loose to corrupt virginal Florida wimmin with marijuana and jazz music. Or something like that.

The next pro-Biden piece of direct mail I see in our mailbox will be the first.

I got a direct mail piece from the Libertarian Party of Florida on behalf of Jo Jorgensen yesterday.

And a Democratic Party committee did call the house the other day wanting to talk to my son (who wasn't in), and we've seen some anti-Trump/pro-Biden advertising on the television (streaming media only -- we don't have cable and seldom watch the broadcast networks).

But there's no doubt which party/campaign is playing hardest for the attention of independent (theoretically "swing") voters in rural north central Florida.

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