Monday, September 14, 2020

Will Biden Give Up on One Small Area of Being Ever So Slightly Better than Trump?

Back in April, Joe Biden said that as president he would go back to one of Barack Obama's few sane/sound foreign policy decisions and re-engage with Cuba, undoing Donald Trump's shitting of the bed on same (with the exception of sanctions levied on the Cuban regime pursuant to the idiotic Obama/Trump line on Venezuela). 

Now he's "struggling with Latino voters in Florida."

Actually, he seems to be struggling with Latino voters everywhere, but Florida in particular is different. 

Most Latino voters in the western United States hail from continental Central and South America.

In Florida, a higher percentage of Latinos are descended from Cubans who fled that country's revolution. 

That phenomenon has produced a now decades-old, US-government-subsidized "anti-Castro" industry that dominates the Cuban-American community in particular, and Florida politics in general, vis a vis US relations with Cuba.

The goal of that industry is to keep the Communist Party in power in Cuba so that it can harvest funding to supposedly remove the Communist Party from power in Cuba.

If the US ends its embargo and normalizes diplomatic relations, the fall of the Communists from power becomes inevitable, and with it the gravy train for these "anti-Castro Cuban exiles" stopping.

So that industry pours plenty of money into propaganda and lobbying.

And that industry has a problem with Joe Biden (he does coddle its recently launched "anti-Maduro Venezuelan exiles"  subsidiary, but that's not good enough).

Will Biden cave?

If he does cave, will he do so convincingly?

And even if he does so convincingly, will it be enough to get him over the hump in Florida?

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