Wednesday, September 02, 2020

My Latest Self-Improvement Idea

Anyone who reads this blog or follows me on social media knows that I don't always agree with Tom Woods. But nobody, including me, can say with a straight face that the guy isn't interesting and engaging.

I'd like to enroll in his Liberty Classroom program. It's a set of courses on "the history and economics they didn't teach you." I figure I'm likely to learn some stuff there. Heck, even if all I learn is that there's even more stuff I don't agree with him on, it just sounds fun.

Of course, it costs money.

But hey, there is an affiliate program (and that link above is an affiliate link) ... which means that if some of the friends I tell about it are interested too (interested enough to fork over, of course), I can pay for my access with the commissions I earn on their purchases.

Neat trick, huh? If I can pull it off, anyway. Can I? Well, that's up to you.

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