Thursday, September 24, 2020

About Those "Experts" ...

"Nearly 500 national security experts -- both civilians and former senior uniformed officers -- have endorsed Joe Biden for president," US state media reports, "saying the 'current president' is not up to 'the enormous responsibilities of his office.'"

The US government hasn't convincingly won a major military conflict in 75 years, despite fielding the most expensive military on Earth. Its "defense" budget runs three quarters of a trillion dollars per year, and other "national security" expenditures easily drive that number up past a trillion. Off the cuff, call it $3,200 per American per year.

What did we get for our money? Hollywood "blacklists." Idiotic trade wars and even more idiotic military misadventures filling tens of thousands of body bags with American corpses (and millions with foreign ones, if we bothered to give them bags). Mandatory universal sexual assault at airports. And does anyone remember 9/11?

All of those things brought to us by -- or at least in spite of rigorously following the recommendations of -- these "national security experts" and their forebears.

I'm not running for president, but if I was I'd also be running to get as far away, as fast as possible, from this particular endorsement.

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