Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Hornberger vs. Fake Incrementalism

From Jacob Hornberger's blog at the Future of Freedom Foundation:


The modern-day libertarian movement is besieged by statist proposals to reform the welfare-warfare state way of life in which Americans live. Included among such reform proposals are things like Social Security 'privatization,' school vouchers, health-savings accounts, immigration 'reform,' and many more. ... To overcome objections by libertarians who insisted on adhering to principle, the disenchanted conservatives came up with the idea of 'incrementalism' as a way to convince libertarians to join up with them in support of reform measures. They said that all that libertarians had to do was to say that their reform measures were incrementally leading to freedom and, therefore, that such reform measures were consistent with libertarianism.

If Hornberger wants to argue against incrementalism, I'd be interested in seeing what he's got on the subject. But that's not what he's doing. Like the man who drops his keys in the darkness, then looks for them under a street light because the light is better there, what he's doing is re-defining incrementalism to mean something other than incrementalism, so that it's easier to argue against.

Interestingly, he's doing the same thing as his "reformer" opponents. Here. Maybe this will help.

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