Thursday, November 21, 2019

What Happens When @RealDonaldTrump Helps Shitbirds Get Over

National Review reports that President Trump is intervening to stop the US Navy SEALs from ejecting a convicted war criminal from their ranks. Quoth Trump on Twitter:

The two convicted war criminals Trump recently pardoned were reported by their military peers. They were charged by their military peers. They were convicted by their military peers. Why? Not just on behalf of their direct victims, but because war crimes endanger, and stain the reputations of, the units whose members commit them.

Trump's pardons encourage war crimes.

And more than that, they tell America's sailors, soldiers, airmen and Marines that if they notice a war crime, they have to handle the situation themselves because if they handle it through "proper channels" the shitbirds won't just be pardoned, but also returned to the units they dishonored and endangered whether those units want them or not.

Trump is pre-emptively sentencing future Gallaghers and Lorances to die in "friendly fire accidents" instead of getting their day in court.

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