Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Informal Survey: How Bad is YOUR Phone Spam/Scam Problem?

I really don't know if I'm better or worse off than other land line phone customers.

Of the land line calls that come in each day, usually one or two are from my wife, and the rest -- once a month or so, I answer the calls for a day to check -- are some combination of:

  • Spammers telling me that our credit card rates can be lowered (we don't use credit cards), that we're eligible for a personal loan (we don't deal with e.g. "payday loan" companies), that our car warranty is expiring (our current car is 13 years old and we've never owned a car new enough to have ever been under warranty when we got it), etc.
  • Scammers telling me (live) that my computer has a virus and they need access to fix it;
  • Scammers telling me (recorded, usually with Asian accents) that they are the Social Security Administration Department (yes, they always add that last word) or the IRS and that unless I call this or that phone number (presumably a "1-900" equivalent) I face "imminent criminal process" or some such;
  • Scammers telling me (recorded, always with an Asian accent) "welcome to the Chinese Department" and asking me to hold (a little online searching says that if I did hold, I'd be told that the "Chinese Department" in question is at Bank of America, where we do not and to the best of my recollection never had accounts, and that they want routing numbers to fix a supposed problem);
  • And so on and so forth.
Sometimes, ten or more such calls a day.

Does everyone get that many, or am I just a very special individual?

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