Sunday, November 03, 2019

Sometimes Wordpress (or Something) Just Pisses Me Off

So we had some problems at Rational Review last week.

After creating a Wordpress post, when creating a SUBSEQUENT Wordpress post, the new post would overwrite the previous post as an revision.

I spent all week trying different things both obvious and suggested in seemingly related search results -- turning off plug-ins, turning off Cloudflare caching, etc., adding something to .htaccess, etc. with no luck.

Then, just as I was about to burn the site to the ground and rebuild it entirely from scratch, the problems disappeared. Over the weekend, we got most of Monday's edition entered.

Then this afternoon, the problems came back, with new twists.

First it started doing the overwrite thing.

Then it just switched to telling me "The link you followed has expired. Please try again" when I tried to save a draft, or publish or schedule a post.

Which is where it is now.

Better if it hadn't started working right again in the first place, since it worked right again right through the period when I would have been dicking around nuking a Wordpress installation and creating a new site where the old one once stood.


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