Thursday, November 07, 2019

I Don't Take Advantage of "Veteran Discounts" Very Often ...

... both because they're usually a pain in the ass to claim, and because I don't buy the idea that I'm "owed" anything for having been a well-paid government employee for 10 years.

But I noticed some news stories this morning:

Amazon is offering veterans one year of their Prime service for $79. That's good for new Prime members, or for a one-year extension for existing Prime members.

I've been a Prime member for several years, and I pay monthly ($12.99). Even at that price instead of the regular annual rate ($119), Prime is a great deal for my household. It probably pays for itself with the free shipping alone, which makes the large streaming video and music catalogs pure gravy.

But hey, if Amazon wants to give me $76.88 off a year's worth of Prime, yeah, I'm going to take it and I don't particularly care why they're doing it.

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