Thursday, November 07, 2019

Inconvenient, Maybe, But I Do Love to See the State Behind The Times

My copy of my DD-214 is a horrible-looking rush job that I paid money for so that I could get the damn thing quickly pursuant to getting government ID that I urgently "needed" (according to the US government, because I needed to fly and couldn't get on a plane without their permission, a few years ago).

I want a better copy for my files in case of future situations where it might prove useful, so I decided to go through the official government service -- the National Personnel Records Center.

They accept applications by:

  • US Snail; and
  • Fax
Email? Guess they never heard of it. Although they do have a web site. That looks like it was designed circa 1993.

I printed the form as a PDF, signed it online using Hellosign, and found a "free" online fax service to send it.

No, I'm not complaining. If it was up to me, all US government agencies would be strictly limited no technology more powerful than old 8-bit computers, pulse-operating dial telephones, and horse-drawn transport.

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