Friday, November 22, 2019

It's Been So Long Since I Camped ...

... that I don't have the gear I used to keep around.

Got a cheap new tent last week. Already got sleeping bags.

Since I'm not sure what facilities will be available at Danksgiving, I bought a cheap "solar shower" (aka a black 5-gallon bag with a hose attached to it) and because it's a three-day festival and I'll want to bring some of my own food and don't expect a hike (the tent sites are supposedly right next to the parking lot) a cheap 40-quart wheeled cooler (the cooler I've had for 20 years or so is cracking, etc., and I really should have a good one around for hurricanes and such).

Next step: Remembering whatever it is I'm forgetting. Mosquito repellent, flashlights, etc. I think I've got around the house (and a solar lamp). Oh -- toilet paper. That's probably a good idea.

Anyone got a perennial "I always forget to take X when I go camping?" story?

Tamara's not into camping. I'm hoping she has a good enough time that I can talk her into the real thing instead of the somewhat different "it's a music festival where you sleep in a tent, and close enough to home that if you really want to you can drive 45 minutes each way and sleep in your own bed." My plan is to camp for two nights, even if she heads home on one or both.

I'd really like to get her to Yosemite for a multi-day camp in the Ten Lakes area. Nice hike, 3,000 foot elevation gain from the trailhead, etc. Swimming, too, if you don't mind doing so in water that just melted off a glacier.

Then again, the last time I did that I was in my 20s, and in shape. So maybe a slightly lower elevation and a slightly shorter hike. But I do miss the woods.

Update: Note to self -- don't forget the union suit.

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