Monday, November 18, 2019

Strings Attached

A year or more ago, I bought a Rogue RA-100D acoustic guitar [Musician's Friend | Guitar Center | Amazon -- NOT affiliate links!] to replace one of the same model that I'd given to a friend who needed a guitar for a trip to detox. I may have bought it as part of a 2-pack with the mandolin I also have, I can't remember.

The previous guitar had been one of my favorites. In fact, I played it in preference to my nearly 20-year-old Epiphone PR-100. It was lighter, for one thing, and it had great tone.

The new one, well, just didn't sound good and wasn't pleasant to play, so I just didn't much, and that's how it stayed for a long time. The other day I found my favorite strings on sale at my local brick and mortar Guitar Center, buy two, get one free, and decided to re-string all three of my non-cigar-box acoustic guitars with Ernie Ball Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Lights [Musician's Friend | Guitar Center | Amazon -- NOT affiliate links!].

The Rogue actually advertised that it came with Martin strings, so it hadn't occurred to me that the strings could be part of the problem with the Rogue.

World. Of. Difference. In both tone and feel of the neck when playing. I'm not sure what Martins went on that guitar at the factory, but they just weren't in the same league as the relatively inexpensive Ernie Ball stuff. I've tried other strings, but I keep coming back to the Earthwoods. They're just good. But of course your mileage may vary.

As I've said before, I've also generally found Rogue instruments to be quite good, especially at their ridiculously low price points. I've had three of their flat-tops (the two RA-100Ds, and an acoustic electric version that is now my daughter's),  a mandolin and a lap steel, and they've all seemed to be well-made.

I've got the strings off the Epiphone, awaiting a sound-hole pickup that I'll be putting in it, as well as some new pegs for the strings. It's had a good cleaning, including a going over with GHS Fast Fret [Musician's Friend | Guitar Center | Amazon -- NOT affiliate links] while it awaits its re-stringing.

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