Sunday, November 17, 2019

On the Road ... er, On the Platform Committee ... Again

The Libertarian National Committee just counted its votes, and I've been elected to a second term on the Libertarian Party's national platform committee.

THANK YOU to the fellow party members who asked their LNC representatives to support my candidacy, and to the LNC -- not just the nine LNC members who voted for me, but to the others, who presumably took time to consider my application even if they found it wanting.

As with the last time around, I'm sure I'll come to my friends who are interested in this particular type of political activity and ask them to help me cover the costs of traveling to any physical meetings, and to the national convention next Memorial Day weekend.

As with the last time around, I'll carefully and frugally budget for those costs as they become apparent, and accompany those requests with justification for why they're necessary. I don't spend other people's money frivolously. Last time around, I managed to save money AND work in a visit to my mother by spending 14 hours (supposedly -- IIRC, it ended up being more like 17) on a Greyhound bus, finding a better deal on a convention hotel room a 15-minute walk away from the venue, etc.

But all that is in the future. For the moment, I'll be asking questions like these:

  • Is there anything in the existing platform that should be changed from the standpoint of spelling, grammar, style, readability and brevity?
  • Is there anything in the existing platform that should be changed or eliminated for ideological reasons vis a vis its conformity with the party's Statement of Principles?
  • Is there anything that should be added to the platform, and if so, why (both ideologically speaking and as a matter of making the platform responsive to likely 2020 voter concerns)?
Please let me know of any thoughts you have on those subjects, in the comments here, via the contact form, etc.

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